Vision & Values


       We vision ourselves to become a Leader in the Emerging Areas and next generation of Information Technology. On the path to achieve our vision, We would like to impart training and skills development to the younger generation to produce world class technology people. We would take a active part in Research & Development activities. We would support Opensource in all areas of Technology.

Our vision is to be a Troubleshooting Leaders. We will have a seperate trouble shooting vertical in all areas of Information Technology. We would like ourselves to be the first one for the customers to turn to troubleshoot the problems in Information Technology.



     Customers First - We will work towards our customers success with top priority. We will consider our customers success as our success.

     Be Different and Do Right - We will position ourselves such that we are different from others and unique. We will only do the right things to achieve our vision.

     Be Fast and Lightweight - We will be Fast in adopting new technologies and bring it to our customers. As a startup we would like our organization to be light and agile which will make us faster.

     Impart Knowledge and Skills - We will impart training in to the young generation in Information Technology and enable them to acquire skills and become technological leaders in the future.

     Foster Research and Innovation - We will take part in R&D activities work towards innovation.

     Respect For Humanity -   Biggest Resource for any company is the People. We will respect Workers, Customers and the Envioronment.